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About ACI

ACI --Access Control Innovation (ACI), Manufacturers of RFID readers , modules and systems. ACI has offered the industrial market quality products on the leading edge of technology since 1998. Today, ACI designs and manufactures the most complete line of radio frequency identification systems (RFID) and products available 125 KHz RFID, 13.56 MHz RFID, 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz long range RFID technology.

With strong demand for increasing in product quality as well as Access Control Systems which can offer secure and reliable and low cost operations. ACI helps categorizes achieve high availability with less time, money and hassle than other high availability systems.

Uniquely designed for its compact casing and superior performance, ACI system fault-tolerant system is ultimately more, economical than clustering systems with the break through in space reductions achieved by ACI expertise in miniaturizing electronic devices. ACI enables enterprises to dramatically increase the use of fault tolerant technology for business to securely maintain the business operation up and running with higher level of reliability.

ACI is the global leader in providing identification solutions. The ACI commitment to customer satisfaction is only exceeded by our desire to innovate new RFID products to provide complete identification solutions for our customers.

ACI has over 12 years experience manufacturing and marketing access control and security integration software, hardware and services which operate on multiple platforms and serve both enterprise and commercial markets. Its products are sold through a global network of authorized security system integrators.